4-3    Translating Words into Algebraic Expressions

Translate into an Algebraic expression.

1.    the sum of a number and three                                                      _________________________

2.    the product of four and a number                                                  _________________________

3.    a number taken away from six                                                       _________________________

4.    a number added to the same number                                             _________________________

5.    eight less a number                                                                       __________________________

6.    five taken away from the product of six and a number                   _________________________

7.    A number is less than two.                                                           __________________________

8.    the sum of a number and two divided by ten                                ___________________________

9.    six less than a number                                                                 ____________________________

10.    a number increased by four                                                       ____________________________

11.    the product of a number and four divided by the sum
         of the number and nine                                                             _____________________________

12.    twelve taken away from a number                                            _____________________________

13.    the product of a number and two taken away from five            ______________________________

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