4-8    Probability

1.     If a fair die is tossed, what is the probability of rolling a number less than 5?  ___________

2.    If a fair die is tossed, what is the probability of rolling an even number?  ___________

3.    20 raffle tickets were sold.  If I bought n of them, what is the probability I would win?  ___________

4.    If I toss a die 60 times, how often should I roll a one?  ___________

5.    Which is the highest probability?   (circle your answer)        30%        1/      .37

6.    At a cakewalk there are 20 spaces.  At all times one space is left blank.  If my wife and I participate,
       what is the probability my family will be eating a scruptious cake at home that evening?


7.    I planted 3000 wildflower seeds last year.  2750 of them produced a beautiful flower while the
       rest never did anything.  If I planted one seed of the exact same brand of wildflower, what is the
       probability it will grow into a beautiful flower?


8.    There are 198,000,000 square miles on the Earth's surface.  The United States is 3,618,770 square miles.
       If an astroid fell to the earth, what is the probability it would land somewhere in the United States?


9.    Are you more likely to roll a 2 on a die or have a coin land on heads? _________________________

10.    If I flip a coin 82 times, it should land on heads 41 times (50%).  However, this probably
         wouldn't happen.  Why?

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