9-1   The Area Model for Multiplication

1.    What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 6cm and a width of 8 cm?        ____________

2.    If you cut the above rectangle down its diagonal, what is the area in each of its two new parts?   _________

3.    Draw a rectangular array of dots with 5 rows and 3 columns.

4.    What is the area of a rectangle that has a length (base) of 10 cm and a height of 8 cm?   ___________

5.    State the commutative property of multiplication.    _____________________________________

6.    Name two operations for which the commutative property does not work.   ________________________

7.    Two stores are in the shape of a triangle.  How much more area does Cecil's store have than Liam's
       if Cecil's is 50 meters wide by 60 meters long, and Liam's store is 40 meter's wide by 70 meters long?


8.    In my 15 foot square dining room, I have a triangular isosceles hutch that is in the corner of the room.
       Both of its legs (length and width) are 6 feet.  How much floor space do I have left in the room?


9.    On a spreadsheet, how many cells would be highlighted if I highlighted from cell A1
       to cell D6?


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