Antonyms Worksheet 1


Read each sentence.  In the blank to the left of the question, put the letter of the word that has the opposite meaning of the word that is in bold print. 



B.) Cold          1.         Tom took a hot shower.

                                    A.)  warm

                                    B.)  cold

                                    C.)  steamy

                                    D.)  wet



A.) slow           2.         Tom is a fast runner.

                                    A.)  slow

                                    B.)  quick

                                    C.)  speedy

                                    D.)  sad



D.) under        3.         Tom jumped over the fence.

                                    A.)  through

                                    B.)  above

                                    C.)  between

                                    D.)  under



B.) found         4.         Tom lost his wallet.

                                    A.)  bought

                                    B.)  found

                                    C.)  colored

                                    D.)  threw



D.) short         5.         Tom is a tall person.

                                    A.)  big

                                    B.)  huge

                                    C.)  mean

                                    D.)  short