Contraction Worksheet 1


In the blank to the left of the question write the correct contraction of the words in bold.



isn’t                  1.        Tom is not going to go to the game.



We’ve              2.        We have tired to be fair and play everyone

                                    the same amount of time.



He’s                 3.        He is going to the game on Friday.



They’ll              4.         They will see if Rick can run the mile in

                                    under 8 minutes.



they’re             5.         Billy and Tom think they are better at

                                    math than Ricky.



Don’t               6.        Do not tell him my secrets.



It’s                   7.        It is not time to leave class!



They’ve            8.        They have ten cars.



It’ll                   9.        It will take about 4 hours to drive to Atlanta.



Doesn’t            10.      He does not have $20 to give you.