Fact vs. Opinion Worksheet 1


Read each sentence.Write F for fact or O for opinion in the blank.


______ 1.††††††† Tomís mother is from Canada.


______ 2.††††††† My dog is prettier than your dog.


______ 3.††††††† I have a baseball card from 1909.


______ 4.††††††† Jane is a better basketball player than Tom.


______ 5.††††††† Alaska is the largest state in the U.S.A.


______ 6.††††††† California has more people than any other state in the U.S.A.


______ 7.††††††† Summer is the best season.


______ 8.††††††† Tom is the tallest kid in his 3rd grade class.


______ 9.††††††† Mr. Hickam is the oldest teacher at the school.


______ 10.††††† Liamís mom packs him the best lunch in the school.


______ 11.††††† Madeline got the highest score on the last math test.


______ 12.††††† Red is the best color.


______ 13.††††† I live on Broadway Drive.


______ 14.††††† My aunt is the nicest aunt in the world.


______ 15.††††† Virginia has the prettiest trees in the fall.