Fact vs. Opinion Worksheet 2


Read each sentence.  Write F for fact or O for opinion in the blank.


Opinion    1.    Liam is the best soccer player in Georgia.


Fact          2.    Mr. Walker has a gray mustache.


Opinion    3.    Mrs. Harrison is the nicest lady in the school.


Fact           4.   It cost $2.50 for lunch at the cafeteria.


Opinion    5.    A nice fire is the best way to get warm.


Opinion    6.    The best number is the prime number 7.


Fact          7.    There are more people in the state of Flordia than

                        there are in the state of Rhode Island.


Opinion    8.    Volcanoes are scary.


Opinion    9.    Math is the best subject.


Opinion    10.  The best movie ever was Garfield.


Opinion    11.  PC computers are better than Macs.


Opinion    12.  Greyhounds are the best dog to have.


Opinion    13.  Mrs. Holmes is nicer than Mr. Holmes.


Opinion    14.  Band is harder than chorus.


Fact          15.  Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President.