Fact vs. Opinion Worksheet 3


Read each sentence.  Write F for fact or O for opinion in the blank.


Opinion     1.   The letter C is funny looking.


Fact           2.   China is a country.


Fact           3.   Math class is 5 minutes longer than English class.


Opinion     4.   Squares are prettier than circles.


Fact           5.   George Washington was the first President of the United States.


Fact           6.   Mr. Groover grew up in Alaska.


Fact           7.   Tom has a dog named Rex.


Fact           8.   Quarters are larger than dimes.


Opinion     9.   Coke is better tasting than Pepsi.


Fact          10.  A meter is longer than a yard.


Opinion    11.  Alex is handsome.


Fact          12.  Tom has a cousin named Amella.


Opinion    13.  The number 8 is greater than the number 5.


Fact          14.  I have 8 dogs.


Opinion    15.  Superman is a better comic book than Batman.