Fact vs. Opinion Worksheet 4


Read each sentence.Write F for fact or O for opinion in the blank.


Fact†††† †††† 1.††† My uncle lives in Flordia.


Opinion††† 2.††† Tom is the best baseball player on the team.


Fact†††† †††† 3.††† It snowed in Savannah yesterday.


Opinion††† 4.††† Red leaves are the prettiest.


Opinion††† 5.††† Vanilla ice cream tastes better than chocolate.


Fact†††† †††† 6.††† I have 4 sisters.


Opinion††† 7.††† My mom is better at cards than Tomís mother.


Opinion††† 8.††† The DVD of that movie is great.


Fact†††† †††† 9.††† Tom has more money than Rick.


Fact†††† †††† 10.Four quarters is equal to $1.


Opinion††† 11.Annís hair is prettier than mine.


Fact†††† †††† 12. Tom is younger than his two sisters.


Fact†††† †††† 13.Bob weighs 40 pounds.


Fact†††† †††† 14.A ton is 2000 pounds.


Opinion††† 15.Mrs. Hunt is a better teacher than Mrs. Runt.