I, Me Worksheet 1


Circle the correct answer.


1. ††††††† Rick and (me, I) went to the store to look for the newest

††††††††††† CD called Hickam Rockís Savannah.


2.†††††††† Give the book to (me, I)!


3.†††††††† When the ball was passed to (me, I), it was over my head.


4.†††††††† Because Tom and (me, I) are the leaders, you should

††††††††††† give the money to us.


5.†††††††† Caroline came over and danced with John and (me, I).


6.†††††††† Donít look at (me, I), for I have dirt on my face.


7.†††††††† At the basketball game, Rick, Stacey, Tom and (me, I)

††††††††††† were the only ones there.


8.†††††††† Between you and (me, I), Bob has a hole in his pants.


9.†††††††† The present is for my wife and (me, I).


10.†††††† John asked Tom and (me, I) to go with him to the concert.


11.†††††† The photographer came to take a picture of Tom, Susan and (me, I).


12.†††††† You can give the check to Bob or (me, I).


13.†††††† Through the forest Tom and (me, I) ran.


14.†††††† The monster was trying to eat Tom and (me, I).


15.†††††† When Brittany Spears came to town, she gave her autograph to Rick and (me, I).