I, Me Worksheet 2


Circle the correct answer.


1. ††††††† Because we got in so late last night, Tom and (me, I) decided

††††††††††† it would be better to shower in the morning.


2.†††††††† John, Susan, and (me, I) went to the new restaurant last night.


3.†††††††† Tom is mad because David and (me, I) didnít invite him to the movies.


4.†††††††† There was a picture of Susan and (me, I) in the magazine.


5.†††††††† Running down the road, Billy and (me, I) could not catch up with Sammy.


6.†††††††† Sally told Tom and (me, I) to go to the store and

††††††††††† buy her some hair coloring.


7.†††††††† Between you and (me, I), Sallyís hair is too red.


8.†††††††† My father told my sister and (me, I) to take the trash out.


9.†††††††† Tom asked John and (me, I) to come with him to buy new shoes.


10.†††††† A diploma was given to Rex, Stacey, Nancy and (me, I).


11.†††††† When we went to play golf, my father and (me, I) had a good time.


12.†††††† He came over to Tom and (me, I) and told us we had to leave.


13.†††††† Donít tell your problems to my family and (me, I), for we

††††††††††† werenít the ones who had your car towed.


14.†††††† Mr. Knight and (me, I) were roommates in college.


15.†††††† Math is hard for Tom and (me, I).