Circle the correct choice from the two words provided.


1.†††††††† Sara and (me, I) are going to the mall.


2.†††††††† Donít leave the house until you tell your father and (me, I)

where you are going.


3.†††††††† When Tom threw the ball to (me, I), he hit me in the face.


4.†††††††† The rain got Rick, Bobby, Tom, and (me, I) soaking wet.


5.†††††††† Between you and (me, I), Rick is going bald.


6.†††††††† Mr. Hickam gave Reese and (me, I) a detention.


7.†††††††† The computer was bought by Nancy and (me, I) for our parents.


8.†††††††† Alex is going to go over to Johnís house first and then

meet Tom and (me, I) at the basketball courts.


9.†††††††† Under the bridge, Tom and (me, I) threw stones across the river.


10.†††††† Math comes easy to Sue and (me, I).


11.†††††† When I went to the store, the owner said to some other

customer and (me, I) that he was closed.


12.†††††† The ball was thrown to (me, I) for the first time.


13.†††††† Running across the road, Jane and (me, I) almost got hit by a car.


14.†††††† My mother, father, and (me, I) are going to Disney World.


15.†††††† Mr. Hickam gave demerits to (me, I) for chewing gum.