I, Me Worksheet


Circle the correct answer.


1. ††††††† It is (I, me) who made the winning basket.


2.†††††††† Give the ball to (me, I), for I am the leading scorer.


3.†††††††† Coach yelled at Rick, Tim, and (me, I) for not paying attention.


4.†††††††† When returning the book, Tom and (me, I) had to pay a late fee.


5.†††††††† If it were (me, I), you wouldnít get paid at all.


6.†††††††† Running to the store, Joe and (me, I) got soaked by the rain.


7.†††††††† Donít ask Mary and (me, I) about the conversation between Tom and Alex.


8.†††††††† Mr. Kwasny failed Tom, Ann, Bob, and (me, I) for not putting our names on the quiz.


9.†††††††† The most valuable player was given to (me, I).


10.†††††† You can tell Tom and (me, I) about your problems, for we will keep them a secret.


11.†††††† It was (me, I) who bought the donuts for the class.


12.†††††† Donít yell at my mother and (me, I) for forgetting your birthday.


13.†††††† Betsy, Rob, Joe, and (me, I) all got fired from Pizza Hut on the same day.


14.†††††† Mr. Knight taught Joe and (me, I) had to ride a surf board.


15.†††††† When the doorbell rang, it scared Missy and (me, I).