Punctuation Worksheet 2


At the end of each sentence, put either a period (.), a question mark (?),

or an exclamation point (!).


1.†††††††† I love to go to the park on the weekend.


2.†††††††† Do you have a dog?


3.†††††††† Is your mother a teacher?


4.†††††††† Stop it now!


5.†††††††† Donít step on my toes!


6.†††††††† Are you coming to my birthday party?


7.†††††††† My favorite ice cream is chocolate.


8.†††††††† Have you ever eaten frog legs?


9.†††††††† I love to swing.


10.†††††† Mary is coming home with me on Wednesday.


11.†††††† Are you going to Tomís birthday party?


12.†††††† Tom shouted ď What a good movie!Ē


13.†††††† Are you mad at me?


14.†††††† Is your dogís name Rex?


15.†††††† I have three pennies in my pocket.