Punctuation Worksheet 3


At the end of each sentence, put either a period (.), a question mark (?),

or an exclamation point (!).


1.†††††††† How are you feeling today?


2.†††††††† Tom is having a birthday party on Friday.


3.†††††††† Donít do that!


4.†††††††† Pizza is my favorite food.


5.†††††††† Rick lives in Detroit, Michigan.


6.†††††††† Is your father a doctor?


7.†††††††† When is lunch?


8.†††††††† I will not tell a lie!


9.†††††††† My father is 42 years old.


10.†††††† Can you come over and spend the night on Friday?


11.†††††† How many kids in your class have a name with the letter x in it?


12.†††††† Math is my favorite subject.


13.†††††† I love to play on the computer.


14.†††††† What is your last name?


15.†††††† Is your motherís name Caroline?