Punctuation Worksheet 4


At the end of each sentence, put either a period (.), a question mark (?),

or an exclamation point (!).


1.†††††††† I love to play in the sandbox.


2.†††††††† When is your mother coming to pick you up?


3.†††††††† Do not step on my toes!


4.†††††††† I like to play tic-tac-toe.


5.†††††††† Is your sisterís name Madeline?


6.†††††††† Tom went home with Rick yesterday.


7.†††††††† Do you have a computer at home?


8.†††††††† My father went to Duke University.


9.†††††††† Do you believe that Ann has 100 dogs?


10.†††††† I am going to Disney World for vacation.


11.†††††† I donít have any cats or dogs.


12.†††††† Watch out for the car!


13.†††††† Run quickly!


14.†††††† How old do you have to be to play professional hockey?


15.†††††† Will you bring me back a toy from your vacation ?