Usage of Words Worksheet 1


Circle the correct answer.


1.         (A, An) eight sided polygon is called an octagon.


2.         (A, An) different way to catch the ball is to shape

            your hands in the shape of a diamond.


3.         If a package comes to me from Ann, do not

            (accept, except) it.


4.         I had a date every night this week (accept, except)

            on Tuesday.


5.         Tom and Jane want to (adopt, adapt) a baby from Peru.


6.         You must (adopt, adapt) to this extreme heat or you will

            never win this game of Survivor.


7.         Tom has no idea how his mean comments about me

            (affected, effected) my self esteem.


8.         The (affects, effects) of running too much were shown in a

            documentary in school today.


9.         The (affect, effect) that my talk had on the boys was not seen

            until years later when everyone of them walked away from a

            party where drugs were being used.


10.       Mr. Cohen made many (allusions, illusions) to the how Pythagoras

            was very popular in his day.


11.       It is an (allusion, illusion) to think that your team will go undefeated

            this season.


12.       When I leaned over my pants (busted, burst) at the seams, which

            was very embarrassing.


13.       (Beside, Besides) the fact that Caroline is beautiful, why do you love her?


14.       Who sits (beside, besides) you in class?