Usage of Words Worksheet 2


Circle the correct answer.


1. ††††††† I canít decide (among, between) M&Mís and a Snickers.


2.†††††††† Do you know the difference (among, between) their and there?


3.†††††††† John could (of, have) told us that he wasnít coming.


4.†††††††† Eli Whitney (discovered, invented) the Cotton Gin.


5.†††††††† (Fewer, Less) students are coming to the dances after

††††††††††† the football games compared to last yearís dances.


6.†††††††† (Fewer, Less) money was made this year than last.


7.†††††††† I did (good, well) on the test.


8.†††††††† John is a (good, well) student.


9.†††††††† When I did not do (good, well) on my ďdriverís edĒ test, I cried.


10.†††††† They (accepted, excepted) the new boyfriend into their home,

††††††††††† even though he had an earring.


11.†††††† If I (had, had of) asked you what you thought about Cindy,

††††††††††† would you have told me the truth?


12.†††††† Tom did all the work (himself, hisself).


13.†††††† John (implied, inferred) that Tom was going to break up with Ann.


14.†††††† From the conversation with the teacher, I (implied, inferred) that

††††††††††† my son was not behaving as he should.


15.†††††† At the mall, my son and daughter throw pennies (in, into) the

††††††††††† fountain.