Usage of Words Worksheet 3


Circle the correct answer.


1.         Billy (lay, laid) the bat on the ground after he struck out.


2.         I am going to go (lay, lie) down on the bed, for I am tired.


3.         The dogs are (laying, lying) on their comfortable new bed.


4.         After running the race, I (sat, set) down on the bench for

            a while to catch my breath.


5.         No one knows more about golf than (me, I).


6.         After riding the rollercoaster, I was very (nauseated, nauseous).


7.         I had a (nauseated, nauseous) feeling that my son was the one

            who had pulled the fire alarm when there was no fire.


8.         Neither Tom (or, nor) Susie is going to the game on Friday.


9.         Either Rick (or, nor) Cecil will be happy to help you with

            your math homework.


10.       Tom, Ann, and Cindy had scores of 99, 95, and 94 on

            the Chapter 4 test (respectfully, respectively).


11.       I listened to the Principal and then asked (respectfully, respectively)

            if I could do my detention next week.


12.       That new suit you bought is (real, really) nice.


13.       He did (real, really) well in the basketball game.


14.       When giving your speech, speak a little more (slow, slowly),

            for it was hard to understand you most of the time.


15.       He was running so (slow, slowly) that a turtle could have

            beat him.