Usage of Words Worksheet 4


Circle the correct answer.


1.         I am an (alumnus, alumni) of Hampden-Sydney College, which

            is the 10th oldest college in the United States of America.


2.         The district attorney is paid to (prosecute, persecute) those

            who break the law.


3.         Tom is the person (that, who) got Sandy in trouble.


4.         They (had, had not) but three tickets to the play.


5.         (This, This here) restaurant is the best in town.


6.         Where can I buy one of (them, those) tickets

            for the million dollar lottery.


7.         Try (to, and) relax and enjoy the movie.


8.         (There, Their) house is the one in the movie.


9.         (There, Their) is a big problem with rats in that house.


10.       (Their, They’re) going to go to the movies together on

            Friday night.


11.       (Accept, Except) me for who I am.


12..      (Accept, Except) for the one mistake on problem 33,

            I didn’t miss a single problem.


13.       In (this, this here) restaurant, I proposed to your mother.


14.       Tom is taller than (me, I).


15.       I did really (good, well) on my math test.