Verb Agreement Worksheet 1


Circle the correct answer.


1. ††††††† Two of my DVDís (is, are) broken.


2.†††††††† It was the letters that (was, were) delivered so late that made

††††††††††† me think the mailman had been reading my mail.


3.†††††††† The basketball players (look, looks) tired.


4.†††††††† The beautiful basket of oranges (was, were) a present.


5.†††††††† The pictures of us (was, were) taken about 10 years ago.


6.†††††††† Cows, especially mine whose name is Charlie, (is, are) lovers of chocolate.


7.†††††††† Each of the players (is, are) older than Joe.


8.†††††††† No one, including all of the cheerleaders, (is, are) happy about the

††††††††††† cancellation of the game.


9.†††††††† One of the basketballs (is, are) flat.


10.†††††† An exhibit of all of the painters works (is, are) on display downtown.


11.†††††† Tomís remarks concerning the players (was, were) inappropriate.


12.†††††† Many of the players, including myself, (is, are) upset about losing the game.


13.†††††† One of the boys (is, are) over the age limit.


14.†††††† Neither Tom nor Ann (is, are) happy about Rick dating Cindy.


15.†††††† (Has, Have) either Mom or Dad arrived for supper yet?