Verb Agreement Worksheet 2


Circle the correct answer.


1.         Both Tom and Rick (is, are) members of the basketball team.


2.         Every one of the paintings (is, are) in need of a touch up.


3.         Each of the flowers (is, are) beautiful.


4.         Neither of the subjects (interest, interests) me.


5.         Either of the books (is, are) acceptable for your book report.


6.         All of the gyms (is, are) under repair.


7.         One of the gym floors (was, were) painted blue.


8.         Everybody in both schools (take, takes) pride in being Honorable.


9.         Some of the blooms (is, are) yellow.


10.       One of us (is, are) going to have to go to the mall to buy a present

            for Mr. Hickam.


11.       Several of the girls (is, are) upset about your decision to expel Tom.


12.       Few of the players (was, were) happy about losing.


13.       Both of the kids, especially Jane, (is, are) excited about Cecil getting promoted.


14.       Tom, not Thomas and his girlfriend, (is, are) responsible for Claire getting

            an invitation to the party.


15.       Each of the Cassey twins (is, are) excited about going to the Superbowl.