Verb Agreement Worksheet 3


Circle the correct answer.


1.         A set of books (is, are) waiting for you at the front desk.


2.         A swarm of bees (is, are) about to sting you.


3.         Everybody in the class (is, are) upset that the teacher is sick.


4.         John, as well as his two brothers, (is, are) aware that Ann likes Bob.


5.         Neither Tom nor Bob (is, are) aware of your intentions.


6.         Both Ann and Cindy (is, are) aware that you have a crush on Brittany.


7.         Each of the kids in the class (is, are) happy to hear that you are

            getting married next year.


8.         Every student, teacher, and parent (is, are) happy to hear that you

            are going to become President of the P.T.A.


9.         Twenty dollars (was, were) too much for dinner.


10.       Both my cousin and my uncle (feel, feels) that President Bush is

            a great leader.


11.       Either the Vice-Principal or the Principal (is, are) out of town today.


12.       Each of the boys (has, have) his book.


13.       Several of the pieces of fruit (is, are) spoiled.


14.       The number of players on that team (is, are) amazing.


15.       A number of kids (is, are) going to the game on Friday.