Verb Agreement Worksheet 4


Circle the correct answer.


1.†††††††† Every player, coach, and spectator (was, were) happy to see the

††††††††††† President at the game.


2.†††††††† The number of sheep that are on the farm (is, are) amazing.


3.†††††††† A number of people (is, are) coming tonight to the dance.


4.†††††††† The chief of police, as well as many officers, (was, were) in

††††††††††† the St. Patrickís Day parade.


5.†††††††† Each of the players (is, are) a fan of the coach.


6.†††††††† Few of the players (is, are) happy about the decision to

††††††††††† cancel Saturdayís game.


7.†††††††† Many of the pieces of fruit (has, have) a sticker on them

††††††††††† indicating that they are on sale.


8.†††††††† Most of the children on that team (is, are) above the age limit.


9.†††††††† Not one of the children (is, are) allowed to stay out past 11:00 p.m.


10.†††††† John and I (is, are) happy that Tom is going on the trip.


11.†††††† Susie, Rex, and everybody in the 8th grade (is, are) happy about Mrs. Gulg

††††††††††† becoming the new English teacher.


12.†††††† The number of dishes in the sink (is, are) overwhelming.


13.†††††† Most of the clothes (is, are) dirty; hence, we need to do some wash.


14.†††††† One of the footballs (is, are) in need of being pumped up.


15.†††††† Many of the parents, including myself, (is, are) upset that

††††††††††† Tom didnít get into Harvard.